Post BellEver since at least the early Renaissance period, ship's bells have been used to tell time aboard ship. There were 8 half-hour periods in a typical 4-hour watch so "8 bells and all's well" meant that the Sailors had uneventfully reached the end of their watch. "8 bells" can also represent a nautical meaning that a Sailor has "finished his final watch" or died.
To honor those Comrades who are no longer with us at the Post, there is a "Ringing of the Bell" ceremony at the Post. Every evening at 1900 (7pm), the following will be read:
"Today, we pay tribute to those heroic patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice - who bravely rose up and fought for something greater than themselves, protecting a home and country to which they never returned."
Upon hearing the first bell, please stand if you are able and remain standing in silence until the second bell is tolled.