As a female veteran, you’ve made extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of your country. In doing so, you’ve achieved an elite status that sets you apart from others–including other members of the military. Your service in hostile territory makes you eligible to join the nation’s largest combat veterans’ organization – the VFW. Now it’s time to take advantage of all the benefits, services and camaraderie that you’re entitled to receive.


Health Care

 The overwhelming majority of women veterans want VA to expand access to women-specific health care, which includes hiring more VA health care professionals who are able to identify and treat their unique health care needs. More specifically, women veterans want the opportunity to receive their health care from women health care providers. The VFW has urged Congress and VA to expand its Designated Women’s Health Primary Care Provider model to mental health clinics and other health care specialties. This would ensure all women veterans have access to health care professionals with specialized women’s health care training. The VFW has also urged VA to allow all women veterans to choose the gender of their health care provider.

Women veterans who use VA health care for family planning services are also concerned that VA requires co-payments for preventative prescription drugs, such as contraceptives. This is counter to industry standards for private health insurance plans, which do not require out-of-pocket costs for preventative care prescriptions. The VFW has urged Congress to align VA’s cost share requirements with industry standards.



Find Your Community of Women Veterans

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Explore some organizations dedicated to women’s history, recognition, resources, and storytelling.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Honoring all women who have defended America. Register your story in the national memorial.




VA Center for Women Veterans

Dedicated advocates for VA benefits and services for women Veterans, including resources on health and employment women Veterans should know about.



Women Veterans Interactive

Providing "advocacy, empowerment, interaction, outreach, and unification” for women Veterans. With national chapters and events, find your community and learn more about how to transition from the military to civilian life.



American Women Veterans

National and overseas chapters providing outreach, professional development, events, and programs for women Veterans.



Women Military Aviators

Educates and promotes the legacy and future of women pilots, navigators, and aircrew. Their Women in Aviation conference brings together over 400 members each year.



Service Women’s Action Network

A member-driven network supporting, connecting, and advocating for the service women's needs--past, present and future--to succeed in and out of the uniform.



Women Marines Association

Promoting the strong legacy of women Marines with volunteer events, awards scholarships, local chapters, and a national convention.



Women Veterans Network

A national social network of women Veterans to foster connections and build relationships in local communities and across the nation.



Women Veteran Alliance

Online and in-person networking groups for mentorship, resources, and career opportunities and directory of women Veteran-owned businesses, community events, and conferences.



Army Nurse Corps Association

Supports active duty, Reserve, Guard, and Veteran Army nurses. Offers nursing scholarships, holds a biennial convention, and fosters networking.



Army Women’s Foundation

Supporting the history and future of current women soldiers and Veterans. Its annual summit brings together experts and women soldiers to talk about the roles and challenges that Army women face.



Women Veterans ROCK!

A coalition supporting women Veterans and military families in housing, employment, education, financial stability, and health and wellness so they can excel in their post-military/civilian lives.



Women Vets USA
A resource hub for hundreds of non-profits and organizations for women Veterans.




Keep up-to-date on how the VFW is working to improve the quality of life for veterans, service members & their families and the community.