Post 1446 is proud to award the following students for their entries in this year's Patriot's Pen.

 School  Student  Award                               School Student Award
 Red Lion Junior High 7th and 8th    

Larry J. Macaluso

 1st  Grace A. Berstein  $100

1st Matthew S. Yost $100
 2nd  Grace M. Kauffman  $75

2nd Cole Clayton Turner $75
 3rd  Jenna R. Hodgkinson  $50

3rd Bailee A. Estermeyer $50
 4th  Alex T. Pratt  $25

4th Sophia Yang $25

 Dallastown Intermediate    

North Hopewell 6th Grade

 1st  Caroline E. Lasher  $100

1st Chanel Jones $100
 2nd  Abby E. Reid  $75

2nd Brooke-Lyn Brenemon $75
 3rd  Catelyn A. Roberto  $50

3rd Natalie Bosser $50
 4th  Olivia Dormann  $25

4th Avery Miller $25

 Dallastown Middle    

Clearview 6th Grade

 1st  Lillianna M. Wynkoop  $100

1st Morgan S. Neal $100
 2nd  Jack R. Scarborough  $75

2nd Gavin E. Landrum $75
 3rd  Emma N. Sokolowski  $50

 4th  Nicholas B. Johnson  $25

Locust Grove 6th Grade


1st Kaeden M. Kelly $100
 Pleasant View 6th Grade    

2nd Clara D. Bradshaw $75
 1st  Charlotte E. Gillispie  $100

 2nd  McKaylee M. Jufer  $75

Hartford Christian (At Large)

 3rd  Cale A. Runkle  $50

1st Joshua C. May $100
 4th  Abigail N. Grove  $25

2nd Annalise Ellen May $75